Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ultimate Fashion Accessory: Speedy 30

The Speedy 30 is the ultimate fashion accessory. It is classic, timeless and just perfect for that cute & casual day out. This handbag retails for $730.00. I'm sure that it can be found for much less on eBay. However, I often worry about the authenticity of things sold on eBay. There are tons of great deals on trendy non-descript bags, but I can't trust a purchase such as this on eBay. Most of all, I am certainly not paying hundreds of dollars for a replica. NO WAY.

Therefore the Speedy 30 will be my graduation gift and/or weight loss goal to myself.

Fashion is a must!


I love the Speedy, but could never see myself spending the cash for it. However, I didnt realize it was only $730! That aint bad at all


Prissy, it will be a treat for completing my PhD. I may be able to squeeze another one out of my sweety one day. PS I love your blog, you have such great style.

I'm selling mine for $700. I've had it since January 22, 2011!

love it dear. Got to get me one of them.

Hi Lady Girl-Thank you for the wonderful comment you left on Connie's Purse. Thanks for stopping by and becoming a follower. So, you know I love the speedy. It's very classy. Congratulations on all of your accomplishments and I look forward to hearing about your due date soon. Take Care your newest follower.

Lakeesha@Connie's Purse.

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