Monday, March 14, 2011

Toes and Boots and Stuff

I love these booties.

They are hot, fresh and sexy. I didn't expect them to be as high as they are, but I'll trudge along carefully because I will be wearing these this weekend.


Cute booties! I always have a hard time wearing open toed boots. I get confused on when I should wear them, lol. Thank you for following our blog, hope we see you on the Spring Indulgence Chic Boutique Tour!

OO nice shoes. They make my feet hurt just looking at them. Must mean they're THAT good ;)

Thanks ladies. I haven't worn them out yet. I think I am wearing them out Saturday night.

Love, love, love those booties and with Summer knocking... great for the weather! A great way to roll boots right into the fun.

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