Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sun kissed Misses

Sexy, sun kissed skin is very alluring. It's engaging, mystical, slightly whimsical, and most importantly gives the appearance of ultimate health.
In the south, sunburned skin is pretty easy to get, but sun kissed is a bit of a challenge. As a black woman, I don't often lay out in the sun and expose my skin frequently because I have yet to master the balance between sun kissed and sunburned.
I am guilty of not wearing sunscreen like I should because I find it to be exceptionally greasy.

So this year, I am trying to prepare early. I went to the dermatologist last week, got a skin assessment, remedy to fix a few issues and a few samples of sunscreen.
Now, I am trying to decide; do I walk more outside to get the hint of sun with my new trusty sunscreen or do I get a bronzer> I'm thinking a little of both.
What do you guys do to get that lovely, womanly, sun kissed


I love the sun because it evens out my skin tone for the summer. It's like an instant natural, foundation. I've never worn sunscreen but I should really really start.

I've worn sunscreen a couple of times and it seems so slick. It also smells funny. The samples that the dermatologist gave me are pretty ok. We will see in a few months. I am going to try this sun thing again this spring.

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