Thursday, March 17, 2011

She Makes Southern Fried Chicken

For years, I refused to eat fried chicken. As a child, I associated fried chicken with fish because ??? I assume I made the connection because both are fried items. Also, I don't like fish and I am allergic to it. Mostly notably, my mother rarely cooked fried chicken, we mostly ate baked chicken and some sort of chicken casserole.
Fast forward to my HS years. I thought I would have a cute dinner for my boyfriend and me. I
made (attempted to make) fried chicken. I had absolutely NO CLUE as to the love and romance needed to make that Umm Umm Good Fried Chicken. Honestly, in HS, I only remember eating Subway, Graham Crackers and Mac 'n Cheese. So needless to say, the fried chicken dinner was a bust.
Fast forward, no fried chicken, 20s no fried chicken, 30s let's try this again. Ok ok ok. After trying recipe after recipe after recipe, I finally have this fried chicken thing down (thanks to my guy). My guy told me a few seasoning that his mama (o_O) uses on her chicken so I tried them. (since the first time I made chicken for him he was eh)
WEEELLLLLL, his mom's tips worked plus a few tips from my mom... I have now mastered fried chicken. (almost)
Key ingredients; Lawrys, sea salt, garlic and meat tenderizer in the flour and Mortons Season All on the chicken, then soak in 1/2 and 1/2 a couple of hours. If I want to double batter, dip in egg, batter, egg and batter again. For frying, I use Canola Oil.
I don't fry chicken often because it's too involved and I try not to consume flour BUT when I do, it's on.
Happy Eating!
Just delish!


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