Monday, March 28, 2011

PCOS, Clocks Ticking and Worries

Depending on the day of the week; you may hear my discussion on wanting a baby.

It's really time to do it; I'm 36 and nearing the high risk category for becoming a mom.

Unfortunately, PCOS makes it quite difficult to become pregnant and honestly I am not quite ready. However, I don't want to wait another full year before I seriously start trying. In order for one to become pregnant, all of her lady parts must work properly. With PCOS, this is just not the case. So for now, I am working out, eating healthy, taking vitamins and drinking the tea above.

The tea gets lots of rave reviews and many stated that they have become pregnant within 2 months. Umm...0_O...The Lady Girl would be shocked if that happened.

However, the tea has gotten a few things on track and I will know how on tract during my next GYN visit.

This topic is a bit discouraging and slightly frustrating yet I haven't officially begun trying. Just knowing that this may be an uphill battle is daunting.


LOL... Stop playing... you have fertility Tea ? Ihave never heard of that in my life. Do u really take it ? Do you feel like its helping anyway ?

I found your site from the comment u left, and I'm glad I did. It's so good to see different women going through the same issues as me. Good luck with your decision on the baby, hopefully everything works and I'm going to keep following your site. Smile


I always hear great things about that stuff. I really hope it works for you and gets the ladybits working as they should :D
PCOS is a bitch, but it can be managed. It's just the task of getting your body to cooperate with you that gets frustrating lol.

@Yes ma'am I have it. I said, "Why not?" I believe the active ingrds are Vitex and Raspberry Leaf which are good for regulating periods. According to the reviews, many women experienced positive results.

@LisaL - I hope it does as well, at least to regulate my periods. I hope I don't have to go through a number of drugs and treatments in order to conceive.

Good Luck with everything...I hope that tea helps!!

Thanks for visiting and following my blog, I'm now following yours.

Thanks for posting info about that tea. I still haven't ordered it yet (Doh!), but I wouldn't have known about it if it wasn't for you sharing that info:)

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