Sunday, March 13, 2011

Losing a Little Baggage

3lbs down
Since starting Lent, I've made more of an effort to eat properly, exercise and increase water intake. I made pretty good choices during the week except when I ate out and I had a bagel at our staff breakfast. It is my goal to significantly cut down on the amount of processed foods that I consume which includes bread, rice, and pasta. I have also discovered that I am allergic to wheat..(insert sad face here). I absolutely love bulgar and often used it as a substitute for the aforementioned. Sooo bulgar is our for now. Once the inflammation within my body is down, I will consume bulgar on occasion.

As a part of any transformation process, the release of baggage is emanate. I've dissolved a few "friendships" and "relationships" that were nothing but a source of aggravation. It has been pretty easy to let go two of them and without event but one has lingered on for far too long. As of today, its completely dissolved.

Without, further ado, a new week has begun!



Kick ass!! It's difficult trying to change how you've been eating for so long, but it can be done! :)
Just curious, how did you learn that you were allergic to wheat?

Aha! eliminating lots of those processed foods is definitely going to do wonders for you. I've done it. Clean eating is the way to go!

@ Lisa L - My PCP did an Igg test. It's a blood test that test various allergies. I am also allergic to eggs. OMG. I was eating eggs everyday. I am now talking a detox tincture to help reduce inflammation so that I may incorporate foods that are causing an allergic reaction.

@ Yum Yucky - It's been difficult but it's a must bc they are just plain no good.

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