Sunday, March 20, 2011

It's Spring Lovelies

It's Spring Lovelies

It's spring lovelies and that means one thing: an urgency to get fine for summer. I absolutely love spring, summer, and fall. In my area, it's warm (well hot in summer), sunny, cute clothes, and a better attitude. Winter really makes me a cranky gal. Also, spring gives birth to some of the most beautiful plants, life and affectionate breezes (minus the allergies).

This weekend was awesome. There was a high of 82 on both Friday and Saturday. Because of this, on Thursday I got the most delightful pedicure with toes of delicate pink. (I think I'll post them later). On Saturday, the guy and I planned to do a bit of yard work, but um that didn't happen because the lawnmower wouldn't start. I guess I'll have to call my trusty lawn dude later in the week because the forest yard look is so not in.
So, since the yard stuff was out, indoor cleaning was in. Laundry, a bit of spring sprucing and that other stuff. While doing that, I began to think heavily about my spring wardrobe. I gazed into the spring closet to try to determine what I would donate or keep. I also thought that if I don't get these 30lbs off that I gained over the winter off, I will be in a serious situation this spring and summer.
With that, spring is clearing, cleaning and starting anew.
Oh yeah, I'm in love.
Happy Spring.


Who doesn't like spring? Well... other than people with really bad allergies :P
It's so nice to be able to just open up the windows finally and get some fresh air flowing through your home!

Spring is so crisp and new but I am one of the people with horrible allergies. After this week, I probably won't open my windows again until fall. Pollen gets so bad here. :( I tried not to take any meds yet because they make me so loopy but I feel the need coming pretty soon. Today I almost scratched my eyes out.

I love spring minus the allergies that come with!

But no complaints on the weather. Lovin' our mid 70s to 80s temps!

amazing spring pictures!

@ Corie. The pollen our area is horrid. It's unusually high for this time. :(

Thank you Sassi

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