Thursday, March 31, 2011

An Interesting Spread Gets Things Going

Breakfast, Lunch, and Who Needs Dinner!

(well I do, but I missed it)

This breakfast was a mix of things. Typically, I eat a piece of Turkey Sausage, a handful of blueberries and two or three strawberries with a cup of juice & coffee. On this day, I decided to eat oatmeal because I had a long meeting and didn't want to get hungry. Being my usual self, I put what I thought was the right amount of water in the pot to boil. (Because I do NOT like mushy oatmeal, I let the water boil first then turn off the flames, then added the oats) Well, I failed to check the amount oats left in the box...GUESS WHAT... there was only a teaspoon or two. WHAT! So I poured them in, got the bright idea to add grits (I've never done that before) and hoped for the best. It turned out pretty good. I don't think I would purposefully do it again, but it was editable and somewhat tasty. Then there was lunch.

OMG. During our break, I went to Taco Mac and had a steak Cesar salad. I hadn't ever heard of it but it was delicious. Yummo. I will have this again.

Though this day was decent on food choices, the week overall was a bust. (Insert need to workout here).


Breakfast and lunch look delicious! I've never been to Taco Mac although I've always wanted to try them.

Thanks Brandi- I am really starting to like blueberries. The anti-oxident properties is what I love the most. Taco Mac is just ok. Don't rush out - it's a typical bar and grill. That salad was good though.

Awesome diet day! Looks delicious too-especially your breakfast. Mmmm....

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