Sunday, March 27, 2011

Chips, Sweet Potatoes, PCOS and Paula Dean

Well, well, well.... One of the things I decided to give up for Lent is drive thru windows. For the most part, I don't eat fast food like McDonalds, Burger King and the like but I will engage in a bit of Zaxby's (delicious salads) or Chick-fil-a - for the cheesecake. Also in order to be budget friendly, giving up fast food and excessive dining out has been a good thing....UNTIL... a recipe goes wrong.

grilled Salisbury steak, "sweet potato fries", seared baby spinach

Typically, I follow recipes to a T with minimal tweaking. On Saturday, I sat in the house most of the day because the weather was terrible. It was hailing, raining hard, thunderstorms, lightening, and tornado warnings, so I stayed put. Throughout my boredom, I stumbled upon a few PCOS friendly recipes. Sometimes when I dine out, I get the sweet potato fries. My guy and I love these things and they don't spike insulin levels. I figured, sweet potato fries would be an easy thing to do. UMM NOT. First of all, my knives are dull. Actually, in all the years since graduating from college, I've never purchased a proper knife set. So, problem 1. I used used the potato peeler to make the fry strips. Problem 2. I followed the rest of the directions.... sorta but the sweet potato fries were a bust. I ate them anyway though the texture was wrong and the flavor was off. (as you can see from the picture above) Well, one good thing I discovered this week was the satisfying taste and crunch of Fried Onions. I don't think I've posted this before, but these are a great substitute for chips. I absolutely love corn chips, potato chips just chips period. I tried the pork skins as a substitute but ewww and no. Just didn't do it. However, these babies meet the need and they are only 3 carbs per servings. In other news, I did manage to loose 2lbs this week. Not too happy with that, but I'll take it since my water intake and exercising are sub par. I really dislike exercising but I am doing better with water. I hope to have a bigger loss next week because I've actually scheduled a bit of exercise time. Let's hope the storms and pollen cooperate with my plans.


Your salisbury steak looks GREAT, though. ;)

I am gonna have to try those French Fried onions because I've been eating Funyans like crazy.

it looks delicious!

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