Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Big Dam Bridge...

...RiverWalk Little Rock.

It seems since I have been away from LR, they have come up with this new RiverWalk Project. Now, I have been "home" each year, but I am just finding out about this little number. Whew...last night was the first night that I tackled this little walk. The incline (5%) on both ends is no joke to a first timer. My mom comes here regularly (why she didn't tell me about it, I don't know) so it wasn't an issue for her. It's a peaceful walk with a mix of people. It seems safe too. My only issue is a few nutcases left their dog's poo on the path which is concrete. There are bags on either end so leaving dog poo in the middle of the path is digusting, trifling and rude.

Last night we only did one spin, but we will do two or three from now on... well that's if the bugs don't get on my nerves.

RiverWalk (North Little Rock side)


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