Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Snack Day

Today is snack day because I love finger foods plus it's too hot to cook. I never really understood why my grandmother said turning on the oven makes the house hot (because back then it didn't to me) but I know the difference big time now. So today, since the high is in the 90s and the oven does indeed make the house hot, I shall miniminze my stove usage.

For breakfast I had mini -burgers on Ooopsie like bread.

This is somewhat like Cleochatra's version but I tweaked it a bit with the crust from Linda Sue's Mushroom & Garlic Pizza. I used all of Linda's receipe but added a pinch of Creme of Tarter. It didn't make a huge difference though. The Cleochatra's version is too plain to me so I jazzed it up a bit. I made Cleochatra's version for the first time last week.

The other meal that I've had today was BBQ Honey Flavored Chicken Fingers with Carrots and Ranch. It's not the ideal low carb dish, but a small variety every now and then keeps me on track.

Sorry for the blurry pics... these are from my camara phone because my digi cam sucks the life out of batteries within minutes.

I wanted to start this blog on Sunday June 1 but my digi cam had other plans. As soon as it comes back to life. I will add the dishes from Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.


First of all, yes the oven makes the house hot. LOL
I think low carb meals are a great idea. I have yet to find the right balance, I am usually extreme one way or the other. I find myself eating carrots or broccoli with everything these days to eat healthier, and keep the carb items away.

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