Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Little Ethnicity..so to speak

Minced Beef and Broccoli

Hey All,

Yesterday, I had serious cravings for bad things....namely McDonalds. I fought the cravings due to the heat and gas prices. I had sweet n' sour wings for dinner, chicken salad for lunch and deviled eggs with bacon for breakfast. After the boring spread yesterday, the migraines and burning the midnight oil in attempts to finish my final 3 papers for the quarter, I found a recipe for Minced Beef. From Linda Sue's photo and recommendation, this should have been a real treat.

Well................................. it was just ok. It has all of my favorite spices but it was still a bit bland. Maybe after it sits for a day, the flavors will begin to pop like most homemade meals... or maybe that's just me.

Later today, I will have baked chicken. As a matter of fact, I will have baked chicken for the rest of the week because that's all that's in the refrigerator. I will be vacationing soon so I don't want to have a frig full of groceries while away.

Let's hope that my meal will resemble the one below .

Happy eating and let's hope for a migraine free day.


Congrats on your low carb blog! I'm glad to see an AA w/ one. I need to start one. Girl those sweet and sour wings sound yummy:) I love me some wings:) U know gotta post the recipe. BTW it's gorgeoushair from LHCF:)

Thanks for stopping by GH. I will try to post more often. I love wings as well and now I can love them more often with low carb.

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