Thursday, June 5, 2008

Earlier in the Week

Hey All,
Since my digi cam was on some random PMS stuff, I wasn't able to post the pics from earlier in the week. So, here are a few pics from Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. I think it includes some fuzzy digi cam pics but oh well. Hopefully I will make a bit of change (i.e. money) from allowing these little pesty ads advertise on this blog and will soon be able to afford a new digi cam. :)

The bacon chicken and cheese wrap comes from a low carb message board. The posters were oooing and ahhing over this receipe, so I decided to try it. It was pretty good but the cheese didn't melt after an hour of baking . The rest of the items were done, so ...yeah.. I decided to eat. It was pretty good, but I was hoping for a cheesey delicious meal and it was just delicious.

I believe the fried chicken and greens was a part of Sunday's dinner. I can't cook either of these items to perfection so... the chicken was from the grocery store deli and the green were from Glory.

You guys will notice a running theme here...beef and eggs. I absoluately love deviled eggs and beef. I've tried ground chicken, turkey and even lamb but they just don't do it like beef. However, I do incorporate them every now and then.

This is a breaded beef patty, which I absolutely love. I incorporate them on occasion because plain beef gets boring.

The deviled eggs were delish.... Just simple boiled eggs, pepper, mayo and musturd. What a treat!!

There are more pics and I will post them later.


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