Thursday, June 5, 2008

Chicken, Burgers and Coffee

Hey All.... Today started with my usual cup of warm water with lemon before my workout. Now this is no Jackie Warner workout but it gets the job done. However, I will put it out there ... Jackie girl, if you want me to be a Sky Laber, have your people call my people and we can work something out. After my workout of the sorts, I had an orange while my coffee was brewing and bacon cheese burger cooking.

I had a bit of ground beef left over from some of the previous meals, so I needed to use it before it went bad.

Please excuse the blurry pic.

Cell phone pics don't exactly make one's food look appetizing

Never the less, there's the thick sliced bacon, ground chuck patty, a bit of shredded cheese and swirls of mustard and ketchup.

I will post the lunch pics later.


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