Monday, June 9, 2008

Cheetos and Mickey D's.

Hey all,

This is what I want for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack....Cheetos and Mickey D's.

Why?.. because it tastes great and it's a fast meal.

Being a full time employee and PhD student doesn't leave a lot of time for romantic encounters with my kitchen. I am not a fan of cooking and certainly hope to hire a part-time chef in the near future. But overall, eating healthy is just plain nasty to me. I hate cold food (salads), fruit make me itch and veggies leave a lot to be desired. Maybe I was introduced to the rich tastes of "fun" foods too early and it has tainted my idea of good food. My mother NEVER let us have snacks in the house and we didn't get extra change to purchase either, so I guess this love of "bad" foods extends from living in the dorms.

Anyway... so today... my mouth and soul craves Natural Cheetos. I would also like to engage in a meal of champions. However, it goes over my desired coloric, sodium and carb intake.

Whoa but it is oh so tasty!

So today, I am eating (ate) bacon, deviled eggs, chicken salad, and a hope for something great for dinner.

Some of these pics I "borrowed" from other websites.


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