Saturday, November 3, 2007

Ranch, Single, Town or What?

Hey Bloggers!!!

When I have time, I still read a view blogs and guess what, I miss Blogland a bit. I haven't been "catching" as many violators because of time constraints, but you best believe I have seen them. They will be in blast soon enough, you know with the holiday season coming, home owners will go overboard and I will be right there to catch them. However, today, I am going to post a few houses that I like... Overall, I think I prefer a ranch style house.........

because .... I DO NOT like stairs.

Right now, I live in a loft style condo with spiral stairs and the stairs are getting on my last nerve. So, my next move will be a flat or ranch.

What a pain!!!

Which do you prefer?

Ranch, Single family (multi-level) townhouse or what?


Welcome back, we've missed you.

Thanks for the comment. I'm loving my haircut now... & I've had that sweater for a while. I love it too.

Bout time you came back!

I don't like none of those homes. They LOOK nice, but all of these new homes look like a strong wind could completely knock them over.

Give me a brownstone in Brooklyn and I'm in HEAVEN!!!

I like one level homes. I'm too forgetful to have stairs in my home. If i forget something downstairs and have to run up and down, well...yeah that would piss me off ;)

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