Thursday, July 12, 2007

You ain't Picasso, Pal

Today's offender only gets 2 tickets. He's not as bad as the others or those to come. His offenses are minor and can be easily fixed. However, it is a bit of a yard NO NO.

  1. The grass is not cut.

  2. He has yard art.

Actually, there are several pieces of yard art that have a gleam of hillbilly. There's the hanging chain on the porch (why), the potted plant that's randomly placed, a multi-colored windmill, some wavy, white, wire, chain-a-na-bob and other random odd pieces. In addition, there are leaves.... brown leaves should have been raked a long time ago. Newsflash, it's July, get those leaves up and mow the grass while your at it.

You know what, I've changed my mind, he gets another ticket..for being lazy.

Get this stuff up man!!!

In closing

Say no to yard art

burn it to ash with a match

makes my neighbor scream


Such a cute house too!
Do you have pre-printed improvement suggestion tickets that you can place in their mailboxes? Sometimes people think they're doing a really great job. Then again, lazy is probably a big part of it too! haha....LOVE your blog. you are tooooo funny~~~~

LOL!!! I love the title "You Ain't Picasso, Pal!" Get on them Detective and write up a serious citation on their tails. Lovin' the site too..

lmao @ chain-a-na-bob. i like tanyetta's suggestion about the tickets. too funny. i'm most perplexed about the random placement of things every which way. it would almost be better if he/she just scrapped it all.

@ Tanyetta... It is a cute house. They just need to start over. Thanks girl

@ Luke Cage..thanks know.. I gotta snap and move..I can't get caught out there.

@ jameil...snap and move girl..snap and move

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