Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Too Cute Tuesday

As I scout offenders, there are several gems amongst the Riff Raff.

Today's feature is just too cute. The house is quaint, the lawn is well maintained, the landscaping is tastefully done.

The day I acquire a yard, I want nice plush grass, just like this, neat landscaping, and no Riff Raff in sight. There is one small suggestion, remove those pink flowers on the bottom right. Other than that, nice yard.

What plush green grass there
landscaping for a princess
Two thumbs up for you


Beautiful house. I wish my I had lush green grass like that. :( Thanks for posting a non-offender. It's nice to get a little inspiration.

that is truly a model house! that lawn is amazing

Beautiful lawn, simple and tasteful.

You gave me a thumbs up for my curb appeal, but I must say, my lawn would not qualify to be in the same sub-division with this beautiful lawn. Won't somebody please give their lawn caretaker my address.


Man! That lawn looks like a rug. Look at the sheen in that thing.. geez!

Wow nice page here. This house looks so comfortable, and yes the grass is amazing. None of that yellow and bald spots u see on allot of lawns, so they must have spent a pretty penny to keep it looking nice.
I would love to have a place out of the city and see a yard and green grass again again lol.
Nice Detective Work there. :()

Damn them and their manicured lawn!

PS: The lawn doesn't look real though...is that a grass carpet?

lol...I see you share my love for looking at homes!

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