Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Swangin' in Frisco

Texas is the place where everything is BIG. As a visited Frisco, a Dallas suburb, a couple of weeks ago, you know I had to go house hunting. Well, during my drive through a few neighborhoods, I saw the good, the bad and the WTH. This certainly falls under the WTH. Why? Because it doesn't belong.

Any good southern person knows that this is a porch swing. However, these homeowners decided they would hang it from their tree, IN THE FRONT YARD.

First of all, it's in the wrong place. ( 1 ticket). Secondly, anyone over 20lbs will cause the swing to break from the flimsy branch that it's attached too (1 ticket and a LOL), and most importantly, it's an eye sore (2 tickets)

See, some people take it too far and I want Texas folk to know that BIGGER AIN'T always BETTER.


that is ignorant!!! how shall you swaaaaaaaaaang when you can't move w/o hittin the tree?!?!?!

What kind of mess? If they're going to hang the swing from the tree, they should at least do it so that you don't get smashed up when you swing forward

Now that just looks stupid! Then they have the nerve to have the base of the tree decorated with flowers and cement blocks.

Sometimes people just need to throw stuff away instead of trying to hold onto it.

i LOVe your blog! haha......the yellow house has me on pause!

If I look out my window and see you and your camera...Imma chase you down. ROFL!

I can't believe someone would hang a porch swing from a tree. It's called a "porch" swing for a reason! LOL


not tree swing, not branch swing. inmpractucality gets on my nerves and the swing is it.

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