Friday, July 6, 2007

Rain forest in the City

This homeowner is a lover of planets. The vegetation is plush and vibrant, but what's wrong with this picture???

It's too much.
There are plants EVERYWHERE. On top of all of the plant families being represented in this one yard, they are all potted. Whoa!! Pots here, pots there, pots everywhere. This is in a modest neighborhood where the houses are relatively close in proximity. Do you think the neighbors have a chance to planet any flowers of their own. Geez Louise, girlfriend gets 3 tickets....1 for the plethora of plants, 1 for all of the pots, and 1 for making a Rain forest in the City.


Potted plants! LOL Yeah that's too much.

I need to take a picture of this house that is terrible. This house has nothing on this house. Junk everywhere! You making me want to post these people house.

Wow, that's waaaay too much! I'd be scared to send the kids there for trick or treating...that just looks like some place that the "Thriller" zombies would hang out.

There's a house near my old neighborhood that has the same plant decor... except that they didn't use pots... They planted it right all right in the ground. And it looks REAL crazy once the frost hits and the plants die out.. I'll never understand it!!

Love your blog! You are tooooo funny!

I will probably receive a ticket from you so, i'm turning myself in ahead of time :)

I'm not green fingered...and I hate the smell of flowers (I think they smell like pee...but moving on...) That house is WAAAY over the top! That's every bug/insect/creepy crawlie/move quicker than the eye type creature's heaven!! And my worst nightmare!!

I want to know at what point will these people consider their yard to have enough plants.

There is this house where I attended college that has nothing but junk in the yard. They call it art...yeah whatever. I think the city got involved and had them remove some of it but it made no difference. Their place still looks like a junkyard.

Love your blog concept! I look forward to seeing more posts, but please...don't come to my neighborhood. LOL. I can only imagine the tickets you would serve my hubby and me for all our half-finished projects. :)

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