Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ms. Tula gets a ????...

...and some flowers.

Ms. Tula ( a fake name - I don't really know them) buys a house, plants lots of flowers and gets a ____

This is a real eye catcher here. It's on a corner lot and on a somewhat busy street. Now, don't get this house confused with "Mellow Yellow" but there are some similarities, yet they are greatly different.

It's an attractive Victorian but dang, did she plant too many flowers or what?

I mean geeez, there are plants everywhere....kinda like yall's girl in the first post. But hey, that's NOT the main violation...that's to come...


Do yall see that...the monstrosity.....

Why in the world is this apart of her house?
In closing

that is a red barn

Ms. Tula wanted a farm

but she's stuck with that


LOL... wow, you have a really interesting blog here. Looking at houses is so fun.

That yard is out-of-order! You can't see the front door with all those plants and what's up with the barn.

I was thinking the same thing, she wanted to live on a barn. Either that or she has already lived on one, decided to downgrade and brough the farm life to her.

Great post!

Too funny! I hollered when I saw the barn! LOL Poor Tula!

i take it you're not a fan of the english garden??

i don't want her to have a barn!!!! lolol

omg!! that is insanity!! out of order is right!! i thought the flowers were bad then the BARN!!! horrendous.

that is overgrown with a capital OVERGROWN!

I wont even comment on the barn!

OMG the barn????????????? LOL I cannot stand it. first the name Tula then the barn???????? stop it please!!!!!!!!!!!!

Girl where have you been, did Tula catch you and take your camera? Does she have you tied up in the barn? We miss you!

This post is hilarious! I also love your new blog design. It is so funny I was on your blog, when you commented on mine. Hope your week is going well.



It's a great house. I don't understand the overplanting and the red barn. The barn is totally out of character with that victorian style house. I know when folks roll by they just shake their heads, sigh and keep it moving

LOLOLOL too funny, that is way too much!

A barn tho. Really?!

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