Saturday, July 7, 2007

Mellow Yellow


Where do I start with this one? There are so many things that I can comment on....but if I spoke on each and every element, this blog would turn into a dissertation.

Should the first question be "Why or What"?

Let's start with what. What in the world is all of this mess and what purpose does it serve? I see a mixture of plants, plastic yard art (1 ticket) hubcaps (2 tickets) bushes, paintings (1 ticket) and no visible means to enter or exit the home ( 1 ticket).

Why in the 'dickens' would she, it's gotta be a she, do such a thing? This house is on a busy thoroughfare and offers a bit more than the common "Wow" or "Whoa".

Really, I just don't know what to say about this little number here, but she is in violation and has been issued 5 tickets.



She just leaves up her decorations all year round huh? I saw Christmas candy canes, american flags, pom poms (I guess for football and basketball season). I know she has to have some Christmas lights and halloween decorations in the mix somewhere....I just couldn't find them. I don't even want to know why she has hubcaps as a part of her exterior decor.

i guess we've got blogs - she's got her yard...we all need something to keep our "hands busy". LOL!

What the hell? Is the first thing that comes to mind.

Reminds me of the small town in North Carolina that my grandmother lives in.

I love this site....I will refrain from clipping pics, but if linking you to my site is allowed I would definitely like to....otherwise, I'll just add you in my favs and stop by from time to time....

Also, thanx for the compliment regarding my house's curb appeal....I really try and in a loose attempt at defense of the "plant house" in your previous post, "It is sometimes a struggle not to plant toooooo darn much!!!" But the pots SIMPLY MUST GO!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and I would most certainly love to be featured at your spot if ever you get to my corner of the world ;)

What in the blue hell? I've never seen something quite that bad before. I suppose the homeowner sees chaos and clutter as art?

That was the house I was talking about in your last post.

@ thoughts..Oh my were you talking about this very same house.

only 5 tix?

hot mess is an understatement!

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