Monday, July 9, 2007

May I have a glass of water please?

What a cute house!! Really, I think this is a modest adorable little house.....



The yard of the house is nicely manicured and has a bit of curb appeal. The glaring problem is this HUGE, non working, wannabe well.

Why did she do this?

I really want her to remove the well. The house did not have to receive the tickets but since this huge display of ugly is here, she gets 3 tickets....2 for the well and 1 for that mini bike.

In closing

the Oregon Trail

Ms. Susan found the wood well

Now it's in her yard


Looks like at any moment, Lucy is going to pop up and start offering Therapy for 5 cents.

Interesting blog. YOu have truly elevated niche marketing to new levels.

THanks for stopping by my blog.

I'm loving the 1 ticket for the mini bike! i didn't even see it till you mentioned it! lol

first time here! wonderful concept and blog. i love it. i need curb appeal therapy. where do i put in my application?? hahaha

Oh hell Not a well!!!! I wishhhhhhhhhhhh....I never saw this well ;)

You are KILLING ME with the ticket for the mini bike. ROFL!

I'm weak at the ticket for the mini bike. I'm still trying to figure out why that huge thing is in front of that house.

Thanks for stopping by my spot.

lmao @ the haiku. PUHLEASE keep doing these!!!

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