Sunday, July 8, 2007

It's Laundry Day!!!

There are many of us in Blogland who are busy bee's or workaholics. Keeping things in order around the house is sometimes a huge challenge. I imagine that those who have families are even more limited with time. So that brings us to the house of the day.

I mean, is it laundry on the go, shared laundry, laundry pu' d' tae...WHAT?

In closing....

Heavy load of clothes
Waiting to be cleaned and washed
Take me off the porch


This reminded me of one of those shows on HGTV following people trying to buy a house. In one of the houses the people were considering the family had the washer in the kitchen and the dryer in a bedroom. It was really small and they have to make space wherever available. It was probably the same case with this home. Ya gotta do what you gotta do. :-)

I've seen a lot of sofas on front porches, but this is a firt or a washer. On a side note, love the new banner with the flower!

@ Ar gal... girl you know they could have put this washer some where else. Inside crafy this imposing on other..Umm No. LOL

@ Melody...I've seen sofas too when traveling through West Va. I can't wait to find others because they will be here. Thanks

hhahaha! where are you spotting these hot messes. crazy. too funny.

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