Saturday, July 21, 2007

Hey George, is Laura home?

This homeowner/violator has been influence by 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue or the Jones' in their favorite neighborhood.

You may be thinking, "Violet, this is a nice house, why is it here?"

Now you know Senorita Violet would not leave you in suspense like that.

Well.... this is an older neighborhood that does not encompass this type of housing. It's still a great neighborhood, but it is not flashy like this at all. The house MAY have been ok, but the columns..oh no...not good..bad curb appeal (for this neighborhood).

First, they need to decide which era they in....70's or the new millennium.

Secondly, what's up with the crystal ball on top of the columns? Some of the columns have crystal balls while others have lions.

Most importantly, why does this house even need columns?

It's not that big... Chelsea, Laura and the other Bush gal doesn't live here...AND it's no iron gate connecting them. (sigh..frustration)

Overall, it's a nice house, ok grass (need to be edged though), needs better bushes, but most of all... remove the crack-a-lackin column..PA-LEEZ.

Until next time....
Where is George Dubya
ducking behind the columns
you cain't hide no mo'


Maybe they are PLANNING a fence?


a lion? so because they ran out of globes, a lion could suffice??

no ma'am.

Hmmmm, interesting. The balls on top are perplexing. Hopefully they will be adding on the fencing soon. lol

Ohhh the lion thing must be a trend. I passed by a house the other day with 2 huge lions on the fence post. Not a good look.

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