Friday, July 13, 2007

Fish Fry Fridays

It's Friday. It's the last day of the week. Yall tye'd (tired) and wanna get yo' eat on. Come join me for Fish Fry Friday.

borrowed from Mojos

This homeowner/offender is going to supply all the grub for us, right from his front yard.

I am not exactly sure how it's going to happen, but this winner has to be geared up for Fish Fry Friday. The only other thing, he could be possibly doing, with this boat in his front yard, is dubbing for a local rendition of Noah and the Arc.

Yall already know this violator is getting 5 tickets and a Haiku shout out....

You are not Noah
Your big boat makes my eyes bleed
take it to the sea


That plate looks pretty great - gotta love

Just tragic. This is why a homeowners association is a requirement in my life. LOL!

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Is the boat for sale?!?! If not, maybe garage space should be taken into consideration before making such an investment. I can see him (because we know it's a him - hee, hee) telling his wife, "Don't worry hon, we'll just park it in the front yard..." She really should have put her foot down. :)

I'm with Sissy. My HOA woulda been on him so quick he'da choked. LOL!

@ at Sissy..I use to think "No way, No how" to HOA, but after seeing a few of these violations, a HOA is a must, and a good one at that.

@ Melody. Nope, the boat isn't for sale. This GUY, because it's a him this time..LOL, is just crazy/lazy.

@Creole ...LOL @ choking the man. Girl, if he were my neighbor..oooh it would be a situation

lmao @ local rendition of Noah and the Arc!!!!!!!! dead.



He should get another ticket for the damage the boat on the front lawn is doing to his neighbor's property value. Damn! If they wanted to photograhp their house to put it on the market, they couldn't even take pictures from certain angles because of the proximity of his Hillbilly lawn art to their house. New homeowners rule: If your house doesn't come with a dock AND a lake, you CAN NOT have a boat at home!

ROTF @ the haiku!
Great Blog.....I'm hooked :)

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