Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Too Cute Tuesday

I found this house by accident. On my cruise through neighborhoods to find offenders, I found this cute little number. It seems very peaceful and cool.

The landscaping is neat and quaint, the paint color is neutral and it's clean.

So, my dear sweet homeowner gets 3 stars and 2 thumbs up for

2 Cute Tuesday

I guess I could have edited their trash bags but nahhh, didn't feel like it.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ms. Tula gets a ????...

...and some flowers.

Ms. Tula ( a fake name - I don't really know them) buys a house, plants lots of flowers and gets a ____

This is a real eye catcher here. It's on a corner lot and on a somewhat busy street. Now, don't get this house confused with "Mellow Yellow" but there are some similarities, yet they are greatly different.

It's an attractive Victorian but dang, did she plant too many flowers or what?

I mean geeez, there are plants everywhere....kinda like yall's girl in the first post. But hey, that's NOT the main violation...that's to come...


Do yall see that...the monstrosity.....

Why in the world is this apart of her house?
In closing

that is a red barn

Ms. Tula wanted a farm

but she's stuck with that

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Hey George, is Laura home?

This homeowner/violator has been influence by 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue or the Jones' in their favorite neighborhood.

You may be thinking, "Violet, this is a nice house, why is it here?"

Now you know Senorita Violet would not leave you in suspense like that.

Well.... this is an older neighborhood that does not encompass this type of housing. It's still a great neighborhood, but it is not flashy like this at all. The house MAY have been ok, but the columns..oh no...not good..bad curb appeal (for this neighborhood).

First, they need to decide which era they in....70's or the new millennium.

Secondly, what's up with the crystal ball on top of the columns? Some of the columns have crystal balls while others have lions.

Most importantly, why does this house even need columns?

It's not that big... Chelsea, Laura and the other Bush gal doesn't live here...AND it's no iron gate connecting them. (sigh..frustration)

Overall, it's a nice house, ok grass (need to be edged though), needs better bushes, but most of all... remove the crack-a-lackin column..PA-LEEZ.

Until next time....
Where is George Dubya
ducking behind the columns
you cain't hide no mo'

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Too Cute Tuesday

As I scout offenders, there are several gems amongst the Riff Raff.

Today's feature is just too cute. The house is quaint, the lawn is well maintained, the landscaping is tastefully done.

The day I acquire a yard, I want nice plush grass, just like this, neat landscaping, and no Riff Raff in sight. There is one small suggestion, remove those pink flowers on the bottom right. Other than that, nice yard.

What plush green grass there
landscaping for a princess
Two thumbs up for you

Monday, July 16, 2007

Christmas in July, Where's Santa??

What a dilemma?

Is it Christmas in July?

This homeowner has me confused. Is it Christmas in July or are they carrying the Christmas tradition for another 6 months.

Why are the ruining an otherwise nice house, with decent curb appeal, with this get up over the garage? How is this adding to the essence of the house?

It's NOT.

I mean, when they drive up each evening, do they not see this?

Do they see how this is not a good thing? It's questionable Christmas decorations and it's pretty close to hideous now.
So, I'll just leave them with...
It's not Christmas man
Santa said take that mess down
Your nose isn't red

Friday, July 13, 2007

Fish Fry Fridays

It's Friday. It's the last day of the week. Yall tye'd (tired) and wanna get yo' eat on. Come join me for Fish Fry Friday.

borrowed from Mojos

This homeowner/offender is going to supply all the grub for us, right from his front yard.

I am not exactly sure how it's going to happen, but this winner has to be geared up for Fish Fry Friday. The only other thing, he could be possibly doing, with this boat in his front yard, is dubbing for a local rendition of Noah and the Arc.

Yall already know this violator is getting 5 tickets and a Haiku shout out....

You are not Noah
Your big boat makes my eyes bleed
take it to the sea

Thursday, July 12, 2007

You ain't Picasso, Pal

Today's offender only gets 2 tickets. He's not as bad as the others or those to come. His offenses are minor and can be easily fixed. However, it is a bit of a yard NO NO.

  1. The grass is not cut.

  2. He has yard art.

Actually, there are several pieces of yard art that have a gleam of hillbilly. There's the hanging chain on the porch (why), the potted plant that's randomly placed, a multi-colored windmill, some wavy, white, wire, chain-a-na-bob and other random odd pieces. In addition, there are leaves.... brown leaves should have been raked a long time ago. Newsflash, it's July, get those leaves up and mow the grass while your at it.

You know what, I've changed my mind, he gets another ticket..for being lazy.

Get this stuff up man!!!

In closing

Say no to yard art

burn it to ash with a match

makes my neighbor scream

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Swangin' in Frisco

Texas is the place where everything is BIG. As a visited Frisco, a Dallas suburb, a couple of weeks ago, you know I had to go house hunting. Well, during my drive through a few neighborhoods, I saw the good, the bad and the WTH. This certainly falls under the WTH. Why? Because it doesn't belong.

Any good southern person knows that this is a porch swing. However, these homeowners decided they would hang it from their tree, IN THE FRONT YARD.

First of all, it's in the wrong place. ( 1 ticket). Secondly, anyone over 20lbs will cause the swing to break from the flimsy branch that it's attached too (1 ticket and a LOL), and most importantly, it's an eye sore (2 tickets)

See, some people take it too far and I want Texas folk to know that BIGGER AIN'T always BETTER.

Monday, July 9, 2007

May I have a glass of water please?

What a cute house!! Really, I think this is a modest adorable little house.....



The yard of the house is nicely manicured and has a bit of curb appeal. The glaring problem is this HUGE, non working, wannabe well.

Why did she do this?

I really want her to remove the well. The house did not have to receive the tickets but since this huge display of ugly is here, she gets 3 tickets....2 for the well and 1 for that mini bike.

In closing

the Oregon Trail

Ms. Susan found the wood well

Now it's in her yard

Sunday, July 8, 2007

It's Laundry Day!!!

There are many of us in Blogland who are busy bee's or workaholics. Keeping things in order around the house is sometimes a huge challenge. I imagine that those who have families are even more limited with time. So that brings us to the house of the day.

I mean, is it laundry on the go, shared laundry, laundry pu' d' tae...WHAT?

In closing....

Heavy load of clothes
Waiting to be cleaned and washed
Take me off the porch

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Mellow Yellow


Where do I start with this one? There are so many things that I can comment on....but if I spoke on each and every element, this blog would turn into a dissertation.

Should the first question be "Why or What"?

Let's start with what. What in the world is all of this mess and what purpose does it serve? I see a mixture of plants, plastic yard art (1 ticket) hubcaps (2 tickets) bushes, paintings (1 ticket) and no visible means to enter or exit the home ( 1 ticket).

Why in the 'dickens' would she, it's gotta be a she, do such a thing? This house is on a busy thoroughfare and offers a bit more than the common "Wow" or "Whoa".

Really, I just don't know what to say about this little number here, but she is in violation and has been issued 5 tickets.


Friday, July 6, 2007

Rain forest in the City

This homeowner is a lover of planets. The vegetation is plush and vibrant, but what's wrong with this picture???

It's too much.
There are plants EVERYWHERE. On top of all of the plant families being represented in this one yard, they are all potted. Whoa!! Pots here, pots there, pots everywhere. This is in a modest neighborhood where the houses are relatively close in proximity. Do you think the neighbors have a chance to planet any flowers of their own. Geez Louise, girlfriend gets 3 tickets....1 for the plethora of plants, 1 for all of the pots, and 1 for making a Rain forest in the City.

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